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Welcome to QSO Party Hub
This is a resource to provide simple spotting pages for QSO Parties.  There is no need to log in or connect to a DX cluster or other spotting network.  Simply enter the information and watch the spots update in the table.
We will not be duplicating the many excellent contest calendar pages already in existence.  Our intention is to be a single source to connect to the desired Party web page or a contest calendar.  

All state QSO parties that I know of have been allocated a spotting page, along with the multi-state parties.  There are also some special event operations that have pages.  If you have an event and would like to have a spotting page, please contact me via the form below.

The site is "responsive" so that many different screen sizes and devices can view the pages as intended.  There are some screen sizes, however, that do not present the spotting tables in the best format.  Rotating the device to a wide screen layout or selecting desktop view in your browser may help.


Chip N3IW
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